Philippe is now recruiting highly motivated and dynamic graduate students for (1) the analysis of the environmental control on bacteria scavenging H2-and CO using metagenomic approaches and (2) the development of genomic barcodes as indicator for ecological risk assessment in forest.

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IMG_1311_800x605Back: Philippe Constant, Quentin Liot and Liliana Quiza
Front: Isabelle Lalonde, Mondher Khediri and Sarah Piché-Choquette  



Sarah Piché-Choquette
received a Bachelor degree in Biological Sciences (specialization microbiology and immunology) at the UNiversité de Montréal (2013) and joined our group for a M.Sc. degree in Applied Microbiology in May 2013 and initiated a Ph.D. in 2014. She is using high-throughput sequencing technologies (Illumina) and molecular ecological network analysis to unveil how H2 diffusing from N2-fixing nodule is shaping soil microbial community structure.



Mondher Khdhiri obtained a Licence in Biological Sciences - Molecular and cellular Biology and Biotechnology (2010) and a Master in Molecular Genetics in Tunisia (2013). He joined our team in October 2013 for a Ph.D. in Biology (co-superivised by Jonathan Perreault). He is using metagenomic and metatranscriptomic tools to analyze the impact of H2 on soil microbial community structure and function.

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Asma Jaba joined our team in September 2016 for a M.Sc. (cosupervised by Prof. Claude Guertin) to study microbe-microbe interactions supporting the colonization and proliferation of enterobacteria in food. 


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Julien Saavedra-Lavoie joined our team in September 2016 for a M.Sc. to study ecosystem services supported by trace gases in soil.




Marilyse Blanchette
 (undergraduate student, 2016)
Quentin Liot
(Ph.D. student, 2012-2016) 
Isabelle Lalonde
(M.Sc. student, 2014-2016)
Laurence Guertin (undergraduate student, 2015)
Vincent Peck
(undergraduate student, 2015)
Manabu Kanno
(Visiting scientist, 2012)
Laura Hesse (M.Sc. student, 2011-2013)
Cynthia Côté (undergraduated student, 2014)
Liliana Quiza (M.Sc. student, 2012-2014)